The ways to elevate consciousness are infinite.

Hi, I’m Dari!
I have created this space to connect us virtually on this journey towards your self-knowledge and expanding consciousness.


INNER Management program and Stress Relief courses offered virtually for groups or individuals.


Join our weekly Love & Compassion meditation.
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Spiritual Trip

Due to travel restrictions we moved retreats and trips to India for 2021.


An journey into the depths of our being, to understand how our mind works and live consciously.

Stress Relief

Philosophy and excercises to calm the mind and overcame afflictive emotiones


My favourite tool to INNER peace.

Life Coach

I help you achieve specific goals in life, encouraging self-discovery and gain clarity to identify what pulls you back and your potencial, in order to grow in business, wellbeing & personal life.


Deep transformation in a more concious living, in a journey which integrates spirituality and modern psychology. Psycotherapy is not only for depression or crisis, but for happiness and wellbeing.

Integrative approach includes all aspects in lifestyle.
I have an holistic view due to my studies in buddhist and transpersonal psychology, M.B.A. business strategy and ayurveda, to nurture a healthy body, mind, finance and spirit.

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.