InHouse workshops

We currently live in a society driven by speed, immediacy and stress. We hardly really experience what we do and feel because we are too busy immersed in work, family, cell phones, multitasking and consequently generating great mental and emotional stress. The stress level is compounded by the current pandemic, social isolation and uncertainty about the future of healthcare and business. The Stress Relief and INNER Management workshops in companies allow to reduce stress, anxiety, develop concentration, emotional intelligence and leadership.

3 different workshops

KAFFE Mindfulness

A Mindful Coffee break (15-30 minutes) with a Mindfulness practice.

Talleres in House

3 Sessions to identify stress and anxiety with basic concepts to calm the mind. 
The last around  30 minutes and could take place: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at a time to be agreed.


7 sessions workshop where, in addition to Stress Relief tools, we delve into knowing our identity, in the practice of mindfulness, equanimity and integration into daily life. They are half-hour sessions that could be held: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at times to be agreed.

Meditation Benefits

Meditation is a mind training discipline currently validated by Neuroscience. We spend most of our working and interacting with our colleagues. A company that cares about well-being, seeks activities that promote respect and integration among its employees, and create a positive and productive workspace. Moderate stress is an impulse to work and keeps us on our toes, but too much stress affects our health and environment. Stress is one of the leading causes of death, related to suicide, heart problems, and cancer. And before reaching that point, we drag ailments and our attitude towards the outside world is negative. Right now, more than ever we need a positive state of mind to strengthen our immune system. Meditating generates positive changes in our mind, reducing stress and improving our quality of life.


Workshops or coaching sessions can be done individually or in groups.

Some brands I've worked with: